When’s Dinner Ready?

“Honey, while you cook dinner, I’m just gonna slip out for a moment and rescue Superman (again).”

“The Secret Society of Super Villains” #7 (June 1977) – In the time, it takes Hawkman to whip up a pot of Thanagarian goulash, Hawkgirl and Captain Comet fly down from the Hawk’s spaceship to Sapporo, Japan to rescue an actor who is portraying Superman in a movie. Only the villains Wizard, Felix Faust, and Matter Master do not know that Hawkgirl is not rescuing the real Superman. Props for Hawkgirl as they will go back now and tell the rest of the villains in the Secret Society of Villains what a badass she is.

Hawkgirl fans will remember that Matter Master almost succeeded in encasing the Hawks in a liquid diamond (Hawkman #9 Sept 1965).