August Covers

Four More Covers – First of all, I promise that next time I will take the plastic off before I scan the covers. I know that it looks weird. I got four this time. I am trying to finish off the Sixties and Seventies before I move on to the Eighties. However, it seems like every other week, that I find a new cover with Hawkgirl. I mean: who knew there was a series titled “The Secret Society of Super Villains”?  I think that I have finally covered all five decades from the late-1930s to the 1980s.

Here are the covers (again I apologize for the plastic):

“The Secret Society of Super Villains” #7 (June 1977) – In story in which Hawkgirl appears: “Lex Luthor, who liberated the Copperhead, declares himself the leader of the Secret Society after a brief battle with the Wizard. He recruits the Matter Master and Felix Faust to help him attack Superman in Sapporo, Japan, where a Superman movie is being filmed. The three magicians mistake actor Gregory Reed for the real Man of Steel and provoke an attack, but Captain Comet and Hawkgirl go to Reed’s aid.”

DC Comics Presents… {Superman and Hawkgirl} #37 (September 1981) – In the story titled “The Stars, Like Moths…!”, Superman and Hawkgirl learn that Superman’s great-grandfather came to Earth over 100 years ago. He was able to establish an underground laboratory in Colorado, and create a gateway between Earth’s universe and an X-Dimension which stores expended energy from suns. While exploring the lab, Superman discovers a chamber which sucks him into the X-Dimension’s vortex. Hawkgirl flies inside the chamber for a quick rescue, and succeeds.

The next two are wrap-around covers of issues of “The World Finest…”. In both cases, Hawkgirl appeared on the back cover.

World’s Finest #256 May 1979 – Hawkman/Hawkgirl join up with Superman in a story titled “Prey of the Harpies”. For these two covers, one needs to play “Where’s the Winged Fury” in order to find Hawkgirl.

World’s Finest #257 July 1979 – The Hawks appear in a story titled “Attack of the In-and-Out Invaders”