DC Comics Present “Don’t Tell My Husband”

I recently acquired a comic book from the very early Eighties in ‘very fine’ condition. It is DC Comics Presents… {Superman and Hawkgirl} #37 (September 1981).

In the story titled “The Stars, Like Moths…!”, Superman and Hawkgirl learn that Superman’s great-grandfather came to Earth over 100 years ago. He was able to establish an underground laboratory in Colorado, and create a gateway between Earth’s universe and an X-Dimension which stores expended energy from suns. While exploring the lab, Superman discovers a chamber which sucks him into the X-Dimension’s vortex. Hawkgirl flies inside the chamber for a quick rescue and succeeds.

And then… get this… in the very last panel, Hawkgirl tells Superman: “Just don’t mention this little escapade to Katar, okay…till I get a chance to make a new pair of wings.”

The editors should have had her say: “Just don’t mention this little escapade to Katar, okay… because it ain’t no big thang, as I rescue other super heroes every time I make a rare appearance in somebody else’s comic book.”