July Covers pt. 2

Five more Hawkgirl covers for my collection arrived today. Actually, make that four Hawkgirl covers and one without…

In 1978, “Showcase Presents” presented a three-issue “Hawkman” story. Hawkgirl appeared on only two of the three covers. On the cover of the middle issue of the mini-series was Hawkman, Adam Strange, and Alanna. Why did they not make it a double-date?

Here is what I got.

Showcase (presents Hawkman) 101 Jun 1978 VG/FN 5.0 $1.89
Showcase (presents Hawkman) 102 Jul 1978 VG/FN 5.9 $1.89
Showcase (presents Hawkman) 103 Aug 1978 FINE $2.10

This Showcase series is notable because the artist who drew Hawkman for the later half of the 1940s, Joe Kubert, did the cover for all three and the artist who drew Hawkman for most of the 1960s, Murphy Anderson, inked the stories.

Because Hawkgirl is not of the cover, issue #102 is not going up on the wall.

I also I got two of the JLAs that are on my list.

Justice League of America 163 Feb 1979 FINE 1.80
Justice League of America 181 Aug 1980 FN+ 6.5 1.70

Issue #163 is interesting because although Hawkgirl appears on the cover, the story is mainly about Zatanna and in it she explains why she has been wearing the new costume that everyone seemed to hate.

Issue #181, is where Green Arrow quits the Justice League of America. I, of course, have always been on Hawkman’s side. So, I would have said “good riddance!”