July Covers pt. 1

I recently started collecting comic books. I am collecting comic books upon which Hawkgirl appears on the cover. Between 1941 and 1986, I have identified 65 books that fit that category; thirteen of which are outside my price range. I have 11 out of 52 so far and 5 more are in the mail.

Here is what I received today.

Detective Comics #500

Mar 1981

I think this is the only Detective Comics where Hawkgirl appeared on the cover. This is issue #500 and it was only $2.60. It is inexpensive because it is from the 1980s.
Hawkman #14

Jun 1966

I love this cover because CAW (Criminal Alliance of the World) is attempting to use future weapons against the Hawks, who are using ancient weapons. CAW does not stand a chance against Hawkman brandishing a tomahawk and Hawkgirl wearing cestus on her hands.
Hawkman #25

May 1968

This cover was not on my original list. It was not until I read this issue’s story in the Showcase TPB, did I realize that Shiera (Hawkgirl) Hall is on the cover and (*SPOILER ALERT*) she is possessed by the spirit of the demon Medusa. So, I would think that this issue counts as a Hawkgirl cover.

There five others are on the way.