More on the Price of a Comic Book

This evening I bought five comic books for my collection of Hawkgirl covers. That is 16 comic books and fifty more to go. The books that I bought are all from the late seventies / early eighties. How much did I pay for these comic books? With shipping, $14.33. If I bought five comics at today’s prices, I would pay $25, shipping included. I am not complaining about the cost of a comic book today, I am just amazed at the prices of the books that I am interested in collecting.

Some of the books that I have on my list are way up there in terms of price and way, way outside of my price range.

For example, the book where the Silver Age Hawkgirl and Hawkman make their first appearance is in “Brave and the Bold” issue #34 and you can see the prices for this below. An issue in poor condition goes for $110 and a coverless issue is $100.

Nine hundred and forty-five dollars for CGC 7.5! I am not planning to pay more than $6.50 a comic for the books I am collecting.