Comic Book Collection (Update)

Did you know that you can buy a comic book from the 1980s in VF (Very Fine) condition for cheaper that you can buy a comic today?

I started my collection of Hawkgirl covers a couple of months ago. I now have nine books collected with three more on the way. Originally, the plan called for collecting only covers on which appeared the Pre-Crisis Earth-1 Hawkgirl (aka Shayera Hol of Thanagar), but upon further research, I have decided to include the Pre-Crisis Earth-2 Hawkgirl (aka Shiera Saunders of Gotham City) and the grey-area Post-Crisis Earth-1 Hawkgirl (aka Shayera Hol of Thanagar). The latter appeared on the cover of 12 out the 17 issues of the second “Hawkman” titled series. Below, I have created what I believe to be the definitive list of Hawkgirl cover appearances in the Golden, Silver and Bronze Ages of comics. This covers a period of 46 years from 1941 to 1987.

Pre-Crisis Earth-1 Hawkgirl (aka Shayera Hol of Thanagar)

This is my first list. In the status column, “o” = owned and “p” = purchased. For a rating, guide see this guide at The first three items listed in the table below, I consider being outside my price range. The rest of the books listed below sell for about $6 for a VF.

Item Title Issue Date Rated Status Note
1 Brave and the Bold 34 Mar 1961 $100 and up
2 Brave and the Bold 35 Apr 1961 $35 and up
3 Brave and the Bold 36 Jul 1961 $17 and up
4 Hawkman 3 Sep 1964 GD+ 2.5 o
5 Hawkman 9 Sep 1965 GD+ 2.5 o
6 Hawkman 14 Jun 1966 VG- 3.5 p
7 Hawkman 19 Apr 1967 VF o
8 Hawkman 21 Aug 1967 VG- 3.5 o
9 Hawkman 24 Mar 1968 GD/VG 3.0 o
10 Hawkman 25 May 1968 VG- 3.5 p Disguised as Medusa
11 Justice League of America 72 Jun 1969 GD/VG 3.0 o
12 Adventure Comics 413 Dec 1971
13 Justice League of America 121 Aug 1975
14 Justice League of America 135 Oct 1976 Head in bust-only on cover
15 Justice League of America 145 Aug 1977 Is she on the cover? Head behind red ‘X’. Is that Hawkgirl?
16 Showcase (presents Hawkman) 101 Jun 1978
17 Showcase (presents Hawkman) 103 Aug 1978
18 Wonder Woman 249 Nov 1978
19 Justice League of America 170 Sep 1979
20 World’s Finest 256 May 1979 Wrap-around cover
21 World’s Finest 257 Jul 1979 Wrap-around cover
22 Justice League of America 163 Feb 1979
23 Justice League of America 176 Mar 1980 VF- 7.5 o
24 Justice League of America 181 Aug 1980
25 Detective Comics 500 Mar 1981 VG/FN 5.0 p
26 Justice League of America 188 Mar 1981 VF o
27 Justice League of America 222 Jan 1984 VF o
28 Justice League of America 225 Apr 1984
29 Justice League of America 227 Jun 1984

In the list above, I have identified two items that I think are questionable. On the cover of Hawkman #25, Hawkman is depicted battling a female demon with wild green hair who does not in any way resemble Hawkgirl or Shayera. Yet in the story, it is revealed that this is Shayera and she has been possessed by the spirit of Medusa. (see Hawkman #25).

Another controversial cover is Justice League of America #145. The cover depicts JLA members shown in profile each a large slashing “X” covering their heads. See the cover here and note the character shown in the lower right corner. It is her but badly drawn.

Pre-Crisis Earth-2 Hawkgirl (aka Shiera Saunders of Gotham City)

The pre-crisis Earth-2 Hawkgirl is also known as the golden age Hawkgirl and she is the original Hawkgirl. The character who became Hawkgirl, Shiera Saunders, appeared in several Flash Comics issues before she officially became Hawkgirl in December 1941. The first ten books listed below are way outside my current price range. These comic books, from the 1940s, sell for as much as the $1500 range. A CGC 7.0 copy of one the issues that I most covet was found selling for $1577 and that issue was Flash Comics #19. The part of the list that I can afford is items 11 thru 23. This first affordable item is Secret Origins #1 from 1973. It is questionable as to whether the Hawkgirl appears on the cover of this issue.

Figure 1 Perhaps someone can tell me… See where the arrow is pointing? Is that Hawkgirl?

Items 12 thru 23 are selling for around $2.50 for Very Fine (VF) condition. This is cheaper than a comic book today. Today you will spend nearly four dollars for a comic book.

Item Title Issue Date Rated Status Note
1 Flash Comics 7 Jul 1940 This is Shiera Sander’s first cover appearance. She and Hawkman are in a story title “Czar, the Unkillable Man”. I found a CGC 5.0 “slabbed” issue selling for $1629 + 3% buyer’s premium.
2 Flash Comics 11 Nov 1940 This is Shiera’s 2nd cover appearance – I have not found a listing for this one.
3 Flash Comics 19 Jul 1941 Shiera’s third cover -I found an issue for sell listed as CGC 7.0 for $1577
4 Flash Comics 29 May 1942 This is the character’s first cover as Hawkgirl and note that she is without a mask – I found an issue for sell listed a coverless for $69.
5 Flash Comics 37 Jan 1943 Hawkgirl’s 2nd cover and also w/o mask – I have not found a listing for this one.
6 Flash Comics 39 Mar 1943 Third cover as Hawkgirl and she is also without a mask.
7 Flash Comics 85 Jul 1947 Fourth cover as Hawkgirl and 1st cover in a mask – FR/GD 1.5 selling for $129.95
8 Flash Comics 87 Sep 1947 5th cover as Hawkgirl
9 Flash Comics 91 Jan 1948 6th cover for Hawkgirl
10 Flash Comics 94 Apr 1948 Last cover for golden age Hawkgirl.
11 Secret Origins 1 Mar 1973 Questionable appearance on cover
12 All-Star Squadron 6 Feb 1982 In 1982, Hawkgirl appeared on seven covers in a row – issues 6 through 12 of All-Star Squadron.
13 All-Star Squadron 7 Mar 1982
14 All-Star Squadron 8 Apr 1982
15 All-Star Squadron 9 May 1982
16 All-Star Squadron 10 Jun 1982
17 All-Star Squadron 11 Jul 1982
18 All-Star Squadron 12 Aug 1982
19 All-Star Squadron 46 Jun 1985
20 All-Star Squadron 51 Nov 1985 Crisis cross-over
21 All-Star Squadron 53 Jan 1986 Crisis cross-over
22 All-Star Squadron 59 Jul 1986 Bust
23 Infinity, Inc. 30 Sep 1986 Bust – included as member of JSA?

Post-Crisis Earth-1 Hawkgirl (aka Shayera Hol of Thanagar).

Hawkgirl appeared on the cover of 12 out the 17 issues of the second “Hawkman” titled series (1986/87). Technically, this is Post-Crisis, but the series appeared right on the heels of the Crisis series. Wikipedia states, referring the second series, “For the first few years the pre-Crisis incarnations were still used, during which time they were prominent across the DC Universe and joined the latest incarnation of the Justice League.” Included in this same continuity is an Action Comics cover upon which Hawkgirl appeared alongside Hawkman and Superman in May 1987. Books in this table sell for around $3.50 for VF condition.

Item Title Issue Date Rated Status Note
1 Hawkman (vol. 2) 1 Aug 1986 VF sells for about $3.50
2 Hawkman (vol. 2) 2 Sep 1986
3 Hawkman (vol. 2) 3 Oct 1986
4 Hawkman (vol. 2) 4 Nov 1986
5 Hawkman (vol. 2) 6 Jan 1987
6 Hawkman (vol. 2) 8 Mar 1987
7 Action Comics 588 May 1987
8 Hawkman (vol. 2) 11 Jun 1987
9 Hawkman (vol. 2) 12 Jul 1987
10 Hawkman (vol. 2) 13 Aug 1987
11 Hawkman (vol. 2) 14 Sep 1987
12 Hawkman (vol. 2) 15 Oct 1987
13 Hawkman (vol. 2) 16 Nov 1987

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