Hawkgirl/Covergirl-Pt.5 – As I mentioned earlier, I had identified total ten covers that Hawkgirl appeared on between 1960 and 1969. Three of which are outside my price range. The covers I that identified were six out 27 Hawkman issues (3, 9,14,19, 21, & 24) and one Justice League of America from 1969 (#72). However, I discovered the other day that I made a mistake and there is one Hawkman issue, from the 1960s, where Hawkgirl/Shayera appears on the cover in disguise. I am in the processes of locating that issue to add to my collection and I will provide details later.

Meanwhile, I am slowly adding to the collection. Between 1961 and 1984, I have identified a total of 28 covers that the Silver Age/Earth-1 Hawkgirl appeared on. The Earth-2 Hawkgirl from the Golden Age did appear on some covers in the late 70’s and 80’s but that is a different story.

Today, I added three bronze age Hawkgirl covers to my collection of Hawkgirl covers.

Justice League of America #176 Mar 1980 (front)
In this issue, Hawkgirl and the team go up against the evil Doctor Destiny in a story titled “The Dream Factories of Doctor Destiny!”
Cover Artists: Dick Dillin

Justice League of America #176 Mar 1980 (back)
On the back cover is an ad for the first Star Trek movie.

Justice League of America #188 Mar 1981 (front)
In this issue, in a story titled “The Miracle at 22,300 Miles!”, Black Canary really messes things up, but it is Hawkgirl who saves everyone by going to her spaceship and getting some parts that they need to fix the JLA satellite.
Cover Artists: Ross Andru

Justice League of America #222 Jan 1984 (front)
In the story titled “Beasts II: Death Games”, Hawkman nearly dies after being bitten by a scorpion Ani-Man.
Cover Artists: Chuck Patton & Dick Giordano