The History of Hawkgirl – Pt. 7

Hawkgirl Origins-Pt.7 – Before moving on to 1945, I want to roll back the calendar to the early years where, besides her regular appearance in Flash Comics, Hawkgirl also appeared a few times in All-Star Comics. This other super hero magazine began its run in 1940 and was canceled in 1951 as superhero comics faded from popularity, and it was replaced by All Star Western; however, the 1970s nostalgia for the Justice Society saw the book brought back.

In issue #4 of All-Star Comics (April 1941), Shiera is in an airplane heading to California when she saw Hawkman flying by. She decided to try and get his attention by strapping on a parachute and jumping out of the plane. Why didn’t she just put on a gravity belt made of Nth metal?

In fact her first appearance as Hawkgirl was in the summer of 1941 in All-Star Comics #5. When Hawkman made himself a duplicate set of wings and another belt of Nth metal… in case of an emergency.

In that issue, Shiera wore the duplicate set just to try and fool some crooks into thinking that Hawkman was nearby when he was not.

In issue #6 of All-Star Comics (August 1941), Shiera inherits $100K. Some clever crooks kidnap her and take her out on a boat to international waters where, of course, they will have no problem stealing her money that is kept in a bank back on shore. You see, all she has to do is get on the radio and tell the bank to send the money to the boat. Bahda-bing!

In issue #7 (September 1941), Shiera helps Carter solve a mystery.

By December of 1941, Shiera had officially become Hawkgirl and she appeared as such in All-Star Comics #8 and also that same month in Flash Comics #24

In issue #9 of All-Star Comics (March 1942), Shiera and the other girlfriends of the JSA members head down to Panama to surprise the boys who have been busting up spy rings in South America.

In issue 11 (June 1942), Shiera has volunteered as a nurse in the war effort. She sees Carter/Hawkman off at an airfield before she boards a convoy ship heading for the Philippines.

While on board ship, Shiera meets Diana Prince who is not so secretly Wonder Woman. Diana thinks that Shiera is two-timing Carter with Hawkman. Shiera reveals to Diana that Carter and Hawkman are one and the same. An embarrassed Diana Prince proclaims that she will “never meddle again”.

Later on, in issue #23 (December 1944), Hawkman rescues Shiera after she is abducted by the Psycho-Pirate.

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