The History of Hawkgirl – Pt. 5

Hawkgirl Origins-Pt.5 – This is a continuation of an exploration of the origin of Hawkgirl in the 1940s in words and pictures. In this part, we review the series as it appeared in 1943 and look at issues #37 through #48 of Flash Comics.

In issue #37, Shiera and Kitty Hawk once again take to air to rescue Hawkman.

The cover of issue #37, depicts Hawkman and Hawkgirl in a sky filled with birds. However, I think that this cover goes with the story in issue #40. Sheldon Moldoff, the artist who drew this cover, wrote in the forward to “The Hawkman Archives – Vol. 1” that this was his favorite cover and throughout the years fans would tell him it was their favorite also.

Issue #38, the story is about a radio program where the contestants go out on scavenger hunts.

In issue #39, there is some girl-on-girl action as Hawkgirl takes on the moll for the Time Table gang.

The “Hawks” once again appear on the cover.

In Flash Comics #40, the Hawks take to the skies to help out an ornithologist and at the same time they save a few lives.

Also they throw in some “bird” humor.

In issue #41, we learn that, besides fighting crime, Carter Hall also invents anti-aircraft guns in his spare time.

In issue #42, Hawkgirl and Hawkman team up to take on the Master of Memory.

Hawkman goes solo in issue #43 and there is no mention of Hawkgirl nor of Shiera.

In issue #44 (August 1943), in a story titled “The Haunted Man” the Hawks attempt to help a man who believes that he is under a curse.

In issue #45, “Flying fingers change smiling Shiera to crime-hating Hawkgirl!”

In issue #46, Hawkgirl pretends to be bad (for what purpose I cannot tell.)

In issue #47, the story is titled “The Case of the Impolite Salesman”.

In issue #48, the story is titled “The Grab-bag of Crime”, but the real story is that Shiera is at Carter Hall’s home in the morning. We know that they are not married. Are they living together? By the way, when did they marry?

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