The History of Hawkgirl – Pt. 4

Hawkgirl Origins-Pt.4 – This is a continuation of an exploration of the origin of Hawkgirl in the 1940s in words and pictures. In this part, we review the series as it appeared in 1942 and take a look at issues #25 through #36 of Flash Comics.

In issue #25 (Jan 1942), in a story titled “The Youth Serum”, Shiera is “Hawkgirl”, whether Carter likes it or not. Their friend Big Red, an actual Hawk, recognizes that Shiera is part of the crime-fighting team that Hawkman has formed with his fine feathered friends.

In issue #26 (Feb 42) it is established that the character is known as “Hawkgirl” and not “Hawkwoman” as mentioned in issue #24. Well, sometimes they call her “the Hawk-Girl”, but it is getting there.

And…now we have it!

In issue #27 (Mar 42), there is much excitement as Hawkgirl is attacked by an airplane.

In issue #28 (Apr 42), Shiera is abducted by giant mechanical bird.

In issue #29 (May 42), Hawkman and Hawkgirl appear for the first time together on the cover; however the cover illustration does not match the story which is about “living” plants.

It seems that by issue #30 (Jun 42), Hawkman has finally accepted Hawkgirl/Shiera as his partner in crime fighting.

In this story about a giant shoe containing criminals dressed as fairy tale characters, Hawkgirl and Hawkman solve a mystery and capture the wrong-doers.

In the last panel, it is well established that Hawkgirl will continue to fight crime alongside her partner, Hawkman.

In in issue #31 (Jul 42), it appears that Carter and Shiera are sleeping in the same hotel room (or a least changing their clothes in the same room).

In this story, Shiera appears to come under some sort weird spell that allows her to breathe underwater. You will have to read the story to find out what happens.ish31

Issue #32 (Aug 42), looks like it was drawn by a different artist, but the record shows the artist to be Sheldon (Shelly) Moldoff.

In Issue #33 (Sep 42), Hawkman and his hawk pal, Big Red are shown on the cover dropping bombs on Japan. The story inside is about a villain named “Father Time”.

In Issue #34 (Oct 42), Hawkgirl and the hawks take on a gang called the “Second Guessers”. (Wheet! Wheet!)

In issue #35 (Nov 42), we are introduced to Big Red’s mate, Kitty Hawk who is a pal and confidante of Hawkgirl.

In issue #36 (Dec 42), Hawkgirl and her new sidekick, Kitty Hawk, are both in action once again. Also, in this issue it is mentioned that the Hawks are in Gotham City, the same city as Batman, Green Lantern, and later Black Canary, yet they never seem to cross paths.

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