Hawkgirl/Covergirl-Pt.4 – As I mentioned earlier, I have identified a total ten covers that Hawkgirl appeared on between 1960 and 1969. Three of which are outside my price range. The covers I that am collecting are six out 27 Hawkman issues (3, 9,14,19, 21, & 24) \and one Justice League of America from 1969 (#72). So far, I have located and purchased all but Hawkman #14. Here is the sixth addition my collection. It is issue #19 and it is in Fine (FN-) condition (see grading system). For anyone who interested in comic collecting, I highly recommend shopping on-line at either Lone Star Comics of Dallas, TX (mycomicshop.com) or NewKadia.com in Norristown, PA.

Cover Hawkman #19 – May 1967

Inside #19