The History of Hawkgirl – Pt. 1

The story of the golden age Hawkman & Hawkgirl is also the story of Carter Hall and Shiera Sanders. It was a story of romance and adventure told in the pages of Flash Comics, a “comic” magazine that was published monthly between 1940 and 1949 for a total 104 issues.

Back in the 1940s, comic books cost 10-cents and for that amount, there would be 60+ pages containing five or so features. In the early 1960s, the price of a comic book went to 12-cents. The books then were 30+ pages and had usually one and sometimes two features. Now, a print comic will cost you $3.99 with its digital cousin selling for $2.99 and it will be less than 20 pages in length.

One of the features in Flash Comics was titled “Hawkman” and in issue #1 the reader was introduced to archaeologist Carter Hall, who was described as “wealthy collector of weapons and research scientist”

Carter receives a package in the mail containing a “glass knife” that is actually made of a material called “Nth Metal”.

Carter falls asleep and dreams of a past life with his lover Shiera. In the dream, he and Shiera are murdered by a wizard named Hath-set.

The next day Carter bumps into a woman on the street and he immediately recognizes her as the girl from his dreams and just like the girl in his dream, this girl’s name is also Shiera.

By issue #2, Shiera Sanders and Carter Hall are engaged. Unlike, Lois Lane, Carol Ferris, or other super hero girlfriends, Shiera is well aware that Carter is the Hawkman.

Even as early as issue #2, the couple had become a team. However, it will be about twenty issues before Shiera becomes Hawkgirl.

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