Hawkgirl’s Marriage Problem

Hawkgirl had a marriage problem…

I remember the first time I saw Hawkgirl. It was probably sometime in 1965 and I had bought a Hawkman issue for the first time. I and the other two guys were sitting around reading the comic books that we had just bought and one them asked me about the Hawkman comic that I was reading. I said, “He’s kind of like Batman except his partner is a girl.” and then I added: “I don’t know if she is his daughter or his wife.” Now, I realize these many years later, when I said that I must have been hoping that she was his daughter (or at least not his wife).

For some time, I have been puzzled as to why Hawkgirl never got the same coverage as did other female super heroes. I suspected that it had something to do with the fact that throughout the life of the character that she has always been the married one and now I know I was correct.

As I alluded in a previous post, I thought it odd that when Hawkgirl finally became a member of JLA and a year later Zatanna joined, that Zatanna appeared in every JLA issue there was going forward, with her eventually became the chairman of the JLA (Yes, I am sure it was based on merit, despite Hawkgirl’s seniority.).

While poor Hawkgirl had almost no appearances. One the few times that Hawkgirl appeared on the cover of JLA was when she appeared as the bride’s maid in the wedding between Adam Strange and Alanna in 1975. (I’ll get back to this later.)

Speaking of appearances…

Here is what Zatanna looked like when she first appeared in the 1960s.
Here she is when she first joined the JLA in 1977
And then in the early 80’s, her look was toned down a bit from hot-in-a-sexy-kind-of-way to hot-in-a-cute-kind-of-way.

Zatanna was not married. In fact, Zatanna did not have a boyfriend, but Hawkgirl was always Hawkman’s wife…

See a pattern here?

Now, today I read an article from 2013 that confirms what I have suspected all along… DC is anti-marriage. The article describes a problem that DC had when the editorial board came out as opposing marriage for the Batwoman character. The problem is that since 2010 and the “New 52” reboot, the Batwoman character has been a lesbian and she has a girlfriend. The editors said they did not want Batwoman getting married and the writer’s quit. Due to controversy surrounding one’s opinions on same-sex marriage, this deserved an explanation. See Some thoughts on Batwoman and DC’s Emargo on Marriage

The article states “For some time, DC has had an edict against marriage in comics. They think it makes characters boring, and unappealing to teens.”

So, DC is not opposed to gay marriage, they are opposed to marriage (period).

Want more proof? The marriage between Adam Strange of Earth and Alanna of the planet Rann that I mentioned early. This occurred in JLA issue 121 in 1975. Yet, I thought they were married in 1967 in Hawkman issue #18. It sure looked that way. Apparently, it made sense to delay it for eight years.

I guess they figure that comic book readers do not pay attention to detail.