June Covers

I have decided to get into collecting comic books. It was bound to happen. My plan is collect only comic books in which Shiera Hol, the Thanagarian police officer who was known on Earth as “Hawkgirl“, appeared on the cover of the book between 1961 and 1987.

In the research that I have done, there appears to be less than 30 issues in which the Silver/Bronze Age Hawkgirl is a cover-girl during that 25-year period. To be exact I count 19 issues between 1961 and 1981 and ten more in the remaining 7 years.

In the Hawkman vol. 1 series of 27 issues (1964-1968), I have identified that there are only six issues that Hawkgirl appears on the cover. I am going to collect these 6 first and then go from there.

I made my first purchase of a Hawkman #3 from September 1964. The book was rated as GD+2.5 and sold for $9.30. I am going use this as basis to decide how I will proceed from here. Having received it today, I consider this be acceptable for my tastes. It is in not bad shape for a 53-year-old comic book. No torn pages or anything of that sort.

Here is picture of the first of my collection of Hawkgirl covers.

Hawkman #3 – Sept 1964 GD+2.5

Here is the list that I made. I am certain that first three series are complete, but outside of those series, I might have missed something.

These are Silver Age/Bronze Age issues where Hawkgirl appears on the cover. On a couple of these the cover illustration wraps to back of the cover and she appears on the back. Note: This is essentially the Pre-Crisis Earth-1 Hawkgirl. I am leaving out Hawkman vol. 2 (1986-1987) because due to retconning that Hawkgirl is considered to be “Sharon Parker” and not “Shiera Hol”. Also, I am not including the “Hawkgirl” who would have appeared on All-Star Squadron covers (1981-1987) as she was the Shiera Saunders Hall golden age/Earth-2 “Hawkgirl“.

item TITLE ISSUE MONTH YEAR Rate Cost note
1 Brave and the Bold 34 Mar 1961 Most expensive of all $100 and up
2 Brave and the Bold 35 Apr 1961 $35 and up
3 Brave and the Bold 36 Jul 1961 $15 and up
4 Hawkman 3 Sep 1964 GD+2.5  $9.50 Rec’vd
5 Hawkman 9 Sep 1965  GD+2.5 $5.50 purch
6 Hawkman 14 Jun 1966
7 Hawkman 19 Apr 1967
8 Hawkman 21 Aug 1967  VG-3.5 $5.50 purch
9 Hawkman 24 Mar 1968  GD/VG 3.0 $5.50 purch
10 Justice League of America 72 Jun 1969
11 Justice League of America 121 Aug 1975
12 Justice League of America 135 Oct 1976 Bust only on cover
13 Justice League of America 170 Sep 1979
14 Detective Comics 500 Mar 1981
15 World’s Finest 256 May 1979 Wrap-around cover
16 World’s Finest 257 Jul 1979 Wrap-around cover
17 Showcase 101 Jun 1978
18 Showcase 103 Aug 1978
19 Wonder Woman 249 Nov 1978

I went back and looked at the JLA a little closer and found more covers mainly in the 1980s.

20 Adventure
413 Dec 1971
21 Justice
League of America
145 Aug 1977 Is she
on the cover?
22 Justice
League of America
163 Feb 1979
23 Justice
League of America
176 Mar 1980
24 Justice
League of America
181 Aug 1980
25 Justice
League of America
188 Mar 1981
26 Justice
League of America
222 Jan 1984
27 Justice
League of America
225 Apr 1984
28 Justice
League of America
227 Jun 1984