Showcase Presents a Great Deal

Two topics for today’s discussion:

  1. Hawkgirl vs. Wonder Woman – Who came first?
  2. Book deals

Briefly… concerning Hawkgirl & Wonder Woman. I am fairly certain that they have always been friends and for many years they were the only female super-heroes. The question is which one has been around the longest?

Answer: Hawkgirl… by 22 months.

Hawkgirl debuted in Flash Comics #1 in January 1940. Wonder Woman did not appear until October 1941 when she debuted in All Star Comics #8 which has a cover date Dec/Jan 1941/1942.

So when will the first lady of super-heroines be getting her live-action movie?

JSA Returns: Sensation Comics #1 May, 1999

Moving on…

“Showcase presents…” is a trade paperback (TPB) series that collects DC comic book titles from the 1960s. The books usually sell for about $17 USD and I had purchased three volumes so far at the cover price: Batman volume 1 and the two Hawkman volumes.

The only thing about the “Showcase presents” series is that the comics are not in color. However, you are getting the original artwork and the stories at an extremely decent price. But as I discovered, it is an even better deal if you shop around on Amazon…

The other day, I got smart and I noticed on Amazon I could peruse the used listings by clicking a button that said, “Buying Options”.

What I looked for were books that were marked down to the lowest price and marked as “Used – Good” or “Used – Very Good”. Then I look at the rating of the seller. If the seller does not have a high rating, then I do not bother with them.

I just bought “Showcase Presents Batman – Vol. 2” for $5.50. The book was marked as “Used – Good”, but it looks brand new. There is a slight curl in the lower right of the cover and that is not much of defect. With 26 issues in volume #2 that comes out to be about 20 cents a comic book.

I am not a comic book collector, I am a comic book reader and if I cannot find the books that I am looking for in digital format, then I will go the TPB route.

Here is the listing for the first two Batman collections. It essentially covers the height of the Batman craze 1964 – 1966 and it includes both “Batman” and “Detective Comics”.

This is the real Batman from my childhood… None of that “dark knight” mythos from the movies.

RANT: As I have said before, I love reading comic books and  if they come out with a good cartoon, I will watch it and most of them I like. However, I have no desire to watch a live-action presentation where a bunch of D-list celebs put on costumes and act out a story from a comic book. They might as well make a musical… I am sure that would be more entertaining then the junk they have been putting on the screen. How about “Crisis on Infinite Earths: the Musical”?

Volume 1

This paperback collects stories from the following comic books (May 1964 to September 1965):

  1. Detective Comics #327 (The Mystery of the Menacing Mask!)
  2. Batman #164 (Two-Way Gem Caper!, and Batman’s Great Face-Saving Feat!)
  3. Detective Comics #328 (Gotham Gang Line-Up!)
  4. Detective Comics #329 (Castle with Wall-to-Wall Danger!)
  5. Batman #165 (The Man Who Quit the Human Race!, and The Dilemma of the Detective’s Daughter!)
  6. Detective Comics #330 (The Fallen Idol of Gotham City!
  7. Batman #166 (Two-Way Death Trap!, and A Rendezvous with Robbery!)
  8. Detective Comics #331 (Museum of Mixed-Up Men!)
  9. Detective Comics #332 (The Joker’s Last Laugh!)
  10. Batman #167 (Zero Hour for Earth!)
  11. Detective Comics #333 (Hunters of the Elephants’ Graveyard!)
  12. Batman #168 (The Fight That Jolted Gotham City!, and How to Solve a Perfect Crime – In Reverse!)
  13. Detective Comics #334 (The Man Who Stole from Batman!)
  14. Detective Comics #335 (Trail of the Talking Mask!)
  15. Batman #169 (Partners in Plunder!, and A Bad Day for Batman!)
  16. Detective Comics #336 (Batman’s Bewitched Nightmare)
  17. Batman #170 (Genius of the Getaway Gimmicks!, and The Puzzle of the Perilous Prizes!)
  18. Detective Comics #337 (Deep Freeze Menace!)
  19. Detective Comics #338 (Batman’s Super-Powered Punch!)
  20. Batman #171 (Remarkable Ruse of the Riddler!)
  21. Detective Comics #339 (Batman Battles the Living Beast-Bomb!)
  22. Batman #172 (Attack of the Invisible Knights! and Robin’s Unassisted Triple Play!)
  23. Detective Comics #340 (The Outsider Strikes Again!)
  24. Detective Comics #341 (The Joker’s Comedy Capers!)
  25. Batman #173 (Secret Identities for Sale! and Walk, Batman – to Your Doom!)
  26. Detective Comics #342 (The Midnight Raid of the Robin Gang!
  27. Batman #174 (The Human Punching Bag! and The Off-Again On-Again Lightbulbs!)

Volume 2

This paperback collects stories from the following comic books (September 1965 to December 1966):

  1. Detective Comics #343 (The Secret War of the Phantom General!)
  2. Detective Comics #344 (The Crime-Boss Who Was Always One Step Ahead of Batman!)
  3. Batman #175 (The Decline and Fall of Batman!)
  4. Detective Comics #345 (The Blockbuster Invasion of Gotham City!)
  5. Batman #177 (Two Batmen Too Many! and The Art Gallery Rogues!)
  6. Detective Comics #346 (Batman’s Inescapable Doom-Trap!)
  7. Detective Comics #347 (The Strange Death of Batman!)
  8. Batman #178 (Raid of the Rocketeers and The Loan Shark’s Hidden Hoard)
  9. Detective Comics #348 (Birdmaster of Bedlam!)
  10. Batman #179 (Clay Pigeon for a Killer! and The Riddle-Less Robberies of the Riddler)
  11. Detective Comics #349 (The Blockbuster Breaks Loose!)
  12. Detective Comics #350 (The Monarch of Menace!)
  13. Batman #180 (Death Knocks Three Times!)
  14. Detective Comics #351 (The Cluemaster’s Topsy-Turvy Crimes!)
  15. Batman #181 (Beware of – Poison Ivy! and The Perfect Crime – Slightly Imperfect!)
  16. Detective Comics #352 (Batman’s Crime-Hunt a Go-Go!)
  17. Detective Comics #353 (The Weather Wizard’s Triple Treasure Thefts!)
  18. Batman #183 (A Touch of Poison Ivy! and Batman’s Baffling Turnabout!)
  19. Detective Comics #354 (No Exit for Batman!)
  20. Batman #184 (Mystery of the Missing Manhunters! and The Boy Wonder’s Boo-Boo Patrol!)
  21. Detective Comics #355 (Hate of the Hooded Hangman!)
  22. Detective Comics #356 (The Inside Story of the Outsider!)
  23. Batman #186 (The Joker’s Original Robberies! and Commissioner Gordon’s Death-Threat!)
  24. Detective Comics #357 (Bruce Wayne Unmasks Batman!)
  25. Batman #188 (The Eraser Who Tried to Rub Out Batman! and The Ten Best-Dressed Corpses in Gotham City!)
  26. Detective Comics #358 (The Circle of Terror!)