Desperately Seeking Hawkgirl – pt. 4

In the 1940’s, the golden age, earth-2 Hawkgirl appeared in issues of both All-Star Comics and Flash Comics yet she only appeared 16 times in the titles between 1941 and 1949. After the 1940’s, this character, the Earth-2 character, did not appear again until 1972 that was in a TPB presentation on female super heroes.

Later on, it was not until the 1980’s that she made any more than a cameo appearance when she now became part of the All-Star Squadron which was published for 67 issues from September 1981 to March 1987. According to, she appeared in issues 6 through 13. I have these on my wish-list and cannot wait to find out what this is all about that she would appear a single, yet lengthy story-arc in only 8 out of 67 issues. Also, she was only once on the cover of that series.

All-Star Squadron #11 July, 1982

I had less luck tracking the Earth-1 silver age Hawkgirl. Well… okay… that is not exactly true. If someone were to suggest that I am just not looking in the right place, I would have to confess that is true. She and Hawkman appeared in a Hawkman series, but the series is not carried on ComiXology. She did also make a few appearances in the Justice League of America, but oddly enough almost every issue that she is in is missing at ComiXology and that really makes me crazy. (I did eventually find a fix for my Hawkgirl jones, but I will discuss that later.)

Here are links to “Hawkgirl” at

Going into the modern, post-crisis era, I did run across something very interesting called JSA Strange Adventures and in recent times I actually found the golden age Hawkgirl appearing on at least two covers (That is other than the 17-issue Hawkgirl series in 2011).

In 1999, there was a 6-issue mini-series published called “The Justice Society Returns” and each issue was new #1 with a fun title like “Smash Comics” or “Thrilling Comics”. The 4th issue in the series was titled “Sensation Comics” and it featured the golden age heroines Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl.

Sensation Comics #1 May 1999

I bought that issue and it was everything that I imagined it would be…

Hawkgirl in Sensation Comics #1

Yet finally getting back to the silver age Hawkgirl, the one from my comic reading days in the 1960’s. As I mentioned previously, Hawkgirl appeared alongside Hawkman in an eponymously titled series that appeared between 1964 and 1968 and of course this is the series that I would have been reading when and if I could get my unwashed 10-year old hands on it. Maybe it is the case that she was not actually missing. Perhaps I was just not looking in the right places.

Consulting the lists at (see above), I note that the silver age, pre-crisis, earth-1, Hawkgirl appeared in all but six of the twenty-seven issues of The Hawkman, between 1964 and 1968,. Besides the Hawkman series she was in all other issues with Hawkman except for a number of JLA issues.

Also, I have learned that if cannot go the digital route via ComiXology, there is always the TBP route and even if it is in B&W then so be it.

There is the Showcase Presents series that has published comic collections in trade paperback and in black & white. Of course, it is not the same as the real thing, nor is it as good a digital HD, but it is what it is.

So, I purchased the trade paperbacks “Showcase Presents: Hawkman” vol 1 and vol 2. At least this gives me access to the corpus of the silver-age world of those Thanagarian visitors from another world.

Below is a listing of all of the non-JLA issues that Hawkgirl appears in during the pre-crisis, silver-age. This is what is in the two Showcase Presents TPBs. The list does not include the half-dozen or so issues that Hawkgirl does not appear in.

The Brave and the Bold #34 (1961)

Feb/Mar 1961: The Brave and the Bold (1955) #34 – ‘The Creature of a Thousand Shapes!’

Apr/May 1961:The Brave and the Bold (1955) #35 – ‘Menace of the Matter Master’

Jun/Jul 1961:The Brave and the Bold (1955) #36 – ‘Strange Spells of the Sorceror’

Aug/Sep 1962:The Brave and the Bold (1955) #43 – ‘The Masked Marauders of Earth!’

Oct/Nov 1962:The Brave and the Bold (1955) #44 – ‘presents HAWKMAN’

Jun/Jul 1963:The Atom (1962) #7 – ‘The Case of the Cosmic Camera’

November 1963:Mystery in Space (1951) #87 – ‘The Super-Brain Of Adam Strange!’

December 1963:Mystery in Space (1951) #88

Dec/Jan 1963:The Brave and the Bold (1955) #51 – ‘Fury Of The Exiled Creature’

February 1964:Mystery in Space (1951) #89

March 1964:Mystery in Space (1951) #90 – ‘Planets In Peril!’

Apr/May 1964:Hawkman (1964) #1 – ‘Rivalry of the Winged Wonders!’

Jun/Jul 1964:Hawkman (1964) #2 – ‘Secret of the Sizzling Sparklers!’

Aug/Sep 1964:Hawkman (1964) #3 – ‘The Fear That Haunted Hawkman’

Oct/Nov 1964:Hawkman (1964) #4 – ‘The Girl Who Split in Two!’ (First appearance of Zatanna)

Hawkman #4 (1964)

Dec/Jan 1964:Hawkman (1964) #5 – ‘Steal, Shadow – – Steal!’

Apr/May 1965:Hawkman (1964) #7 – ‘Amazing Return Of The I.Q. Gang!’

Aug/Sep 1965:Hawkman (1964) #9 – ‘Master Trap of the Matter Master!’

Oct/Nov 1965:Hawkman (1964) #10 – ‘Hawkman Clips the Claws of the Caw!’

Dec/Jan 1965:Hawkman (1964) #11 – ‘The Shrike Strikes at Night!’

Jun/Jul 1966:Hawkman (1964) #14 – ‘The Treasure Of The Talking Head!’

Oct/Nov 1966:Hawkman (1964) #16 – ‘Lord of the Flying Gorillas!’

Dec/Jan 1966:Hawkman (1964) #17 – ‘Ruse Of The Robbing Raven!’

Feb/Mar 1967:The Brave and the Bold (1955) #70 – ‘Cancelled: 2 Super-Heroes!’

Apr/May 1967:Hawkman (1964) #19 – ‘Parasite Planet Peril!’

Jun/Jul 1967:Hawkman (1964) #20 – ‘Death of the Living Flame’

Aug/Sep 1967:Hawkman (1964) #21 – ‘Attack of the Jungle Juggernaut!’

Oct/Nov 1967:Hawkman (1964) #22 – ‘Quoth The Falcon: Hawkman, Die!’

Dec/Jan 1967:Hawkman (1964) #23 – ‘The Hawkman From 1,000,000 B.C.!’

Feb/Mar 1968:Hawkman (1964) #24 – ‘The Robot Raiders From Planet Midnight!’

Jun/Jul 1968:Hawkman (1964) #26 – ‘Last Stand On Thanagar’

Aug/Sep 1968:Hawkman (1964) #27 – ‘…When The Snow-Fiend Strikes!’

November 1968:The Atom and Hawkman (1968) #39 – ‘Vengeance of the Silver Vulture’

March 1969:The Atom and Hawkman (1968) #41 – ‘Return of the Seven-Year-Dead Man’

May 1969:The Atom and Hawkman (1968) #42 – ‘When Gods Make Madness!’

July 1969:The Atom and Hawkman (1968) #43 – ‘Come To My Hanging!’

September 1969:The Atom and Hawkman (1968) #44 – ‘The Ghost Laughs Last!’

The Atom and Hawkman #44 (1968)