Desperately Seeking Hawkgirl – pt. 3

In my research done in the line of tracking the appearances of the elusive Hawkgirl, I learned that her silver age persona as Shiera Hall appeared in two back-to-back Justice League of America issues. These issues were numbered 52 and 53. I found the issues at ComiXology.


Her appearance in issue 52 (March 1967) was limited to a few panels. However, she did get to take on some criminals – actually three to the one that Hawkman took on. After that she did not appear in the rest of the issue.

The story was bit different in issue 53 May 1967. In this issue, the entire last third of the issue focused on Hawkgirl and her role in saving day.


In the title page we see written “And special guest star Hawkgirl!”

Then on page two there is a bit of foreshadowing as see Hawkman heading out for a JLA meeting and leaving Shiera behind.

Events within the story cause the JLA members to seek out Shiera and request that she help them as Hawkgirl.

She agrees to help and brings along a special Thanagarian radiation detection device…

…and off they go.

While other members of the team were turned to stone, because Hawkgirl was holding the radiation detector, the device absorbed the radiation and freed her, allowing Hawkgirl to battle the criminals alone; all the time the thugs are using super weapons against her.

In the final panel, the JLA members celebrate Hawkgirl as the hero who saved the day.

Once again, we hear Hawkgirl wishing she could share an adventure with the Justice League. The year is 1967 and it will be ten years before she is offered position in JLA. One excuse was that the there was a 12-member limitation and it was her membership that set a precedent for the admission of Zatanna as the League’s fifteenth member.