Desperately Seeking Hawkgirl – pt. 2

(Continued from Desperately Seeking Hawkgirl – pt. 1)

Now, you may be wondering how it is that I was able to find issues containing the elusive and mysterious Hawkgirl.

I found this great website called – the Comic Book Database

Search for the character that you are interested in and you can get a chronological listing of every “book” that the character appeared in.

By the 1960’s, there were two Hawkgirls. The first one was from the Golden age (from the 1940’s and into the early 1950’s) and the second was the Silver age character from the mid-1950’s and until the end of the bronze age of comic books in 1986.

Here are the links to those listings for Hawkgirl at

Golden Age Hawkgirl (DC)(Earth-2 – Pre Crisis) From <>
Silver Age Hawkgirl (DC)(Earth-1 – Pre Crisis) From <>

I found and purchased three of the “milestone” books involving Hawkgirl from the Golden Age. These are issues #5, 8, and 15 of All-Star Comics.

As I mentioned in the previous post, the origin story for the Silver-age “Hawks” was that they were alien police officers from the planet Thanagar. That story seems kind of boring compared to their Golden age origin story.

The origin story for the Golden age “Hawks” had a mystical, romantic aura about it. (See my later post Hawkgirl Origins-Pt.1)

The story that I found at the DC Comics Wikia is that Shiera Sanders, the Golden Age Hawkgirl, was the wife of Carter Hall, the Golden Age Hawkman. She was also a member of the All-Star Squadron and a close associate of the Justice Society of America.

Centuries ago, Chay-Ara and her lover Prince Khufu were killed by Hath-Set with a knife forged from an alien metal called the Nth metal. The properties of the metal and the strength of the duo’s love created a bond between them, causing them to be reborn multiple times throughout the centuries.

In the early 20th century, Chay-Ara was reborn as Shiera Sanders. She was kidnapped by Dr. Anton Hastor (a reincarnation of Hath-Set) but subsequently rescued by Hawkman (her reborn lover Khufu). Shiera became the hero’s frequent ally and love interest. Eventually, she was granted a costume of her own and a belt of gravity-defying nth metal and joined him at his side as Hawkgirl.

Shiera as Chay-Ara in the “Ancient History” episode of “Justice League Unlimited”

In the animated series “Justice League” and “Justice League Unlimited”, Hawkgirl’s origin story is more in-line in the Silver Age Hawkgirl, but it the 11th episode of the third season of Justice League Unlimited, Carter Hall shows up as a the supposed stalker boyfriend of Hawkgirl claiming that they are reincarnated lovers from Egypt. Things get really complicated and Shiera winds-up “cheating” on Carter with the Green Lantern. It is indeed, a very strange and somewhat “adult-themed” episode.

In issue #5 of All-Star Comics, Shiera Sanders makes her first appearance as in costume as Hawkgirl.

It is supposed to be a one-off thing where Shiera dresses in a “Hawkman” costume to try fool some crooks into thinking that Hawkman is one place when he is in another.

Shiera becomes “Hawkgirl” for the first time in the Golden age.

The plan does not exactly work as Hawkman intended and Shiera ends-up getting shot.

In issue # 8, Hawkman’s tale begins on page 36.

In this issue, Shiera has been kidnapped. In a flashback, she is seen in costume and winging it thanks to Nth metal. Apparently, she even has a catch phrase: Chin up and keep ’em flying.

And just like issue #5, she is mistaken for the Hawkman and she gets zapped out of the sky.

As if it were Hawkgirl’s fault, Hawkman insists that she be grounded.

Hawkgirl makes another appearance in issue #15 of All-Star Comics.

In this issue, Shiera and the “girls” are used as framing gimmick for the stories about the case that the “boys” are busy working on. Wonder Woman, again acting as “secretary” for the JSA receives letters from the “boys” explaining their absence from a regularly scheduled meeting of the crime-fighting organization. Something that Wonder Woman reads in Hawkman’s letter gives her and idea. She goes to see Shiera and tells her the idea. Her idea involves gathering the girlfriends of the other members of the JSA.

When the “girls” are brought together, Wonder Woman explains the situation to the assembled women.

Then she hands out costumes that she has made for them.

Once the women are in costume they are ready for Wonder Woman’s orders.

Then they all pile into a car. Instead of someone driving the car, Wonder Woman pushes the car at top speed.

Several pages later, the “girls” arrive at a destination where they are fooled into believing that the “boys” have gone bad. They are all locked up and finally the “boys” show up to save them.

Without the I would not know where to find stories involving Hawkgirl.

Between 2006/07, Hawkgirl  had her own “book”. Her title series began with issue 50, as the title of the series was abruptly changed from “Hawkman” to “Hawkgirl” and it lasted for 17 issues. I know nothing about this series, as I am, at least for now, a strictly “Pre-Crisis” fanatic (I mean “fan”). If I ever make through the first 50 years of DC, the first title I will take up after that is this new “Hawkgirl”.