Yet Another Mystery Woman

I came across another mystery woman while I was looking for something else.

This drawing that I found at the Wikipedia “DC Universe” article was made in the mid-Eighties as part of the celebration of DC’s 50th anniversary, but it does have some issues as there are somethings wrong with this picture. You would think that it would be an all-inclusive 50 years of DC comics, but it’s not.

I do see that Zatanna is in this picture and she is wearing her old familiar stage costume.
There are two Flashes, one from Earth-One and from Earth-Two. (As there should be.)
And two Green Lanterns. (In keeping with the Pre-Crisis continuity)
Then we have one of each Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman (Because they don’t want to confuse anyone, right?)
There is only one Hawkman (the one from Earth-One), but where the heck is Hawkgirl?
I see that Power Girl is in the picture, but her contemporary, The Huntress is not there.
And then we have this… Who is the blonde chick with her arms wrapped around Robin?

UPDATE: Thanks someone over at Hawkworld, I have been informed that the blonde chick with her arms around Robin is Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld.