The Huntress

Enter the Huntress

In the late 80’s, a nice Italian girl turned anti-mob vigilante and overnight, Helena Bertrinelli became The Huntress. Her origin story was that her parents were murdered by a mobster.

Yet ten years earlier, in the late ’70s, another character named The Huntress was introduced. Her name was was Helena Wayne and she was the daughter of Bruce Wayne (Batman) and Selena Kyle (Catwoman). I searched for her first appearance in the seventies, but I could not locate DC-Super Stars #17 from December 1977.

However I did find the three issue introduction of the Huntress. She made her debut as a member of the JSA in All-Star Comics #69 (Dec 1977), #70 (Feb 1978) and #71 (Apr 1978).

In All-Star Comics #69, Helena did not appear until the very last panel. In issue #70 (Feb 1977), she appears only on the last page.

It is not until the third issue, All-Star Comics #71 (Apr 1977), that we get to see The Huntress in action. Very clever, those comic book publishers.

Huntress appeared in a number of Justice League Unlimited episodes. Here she is sparring with Black Canary.

In the Justice League Unlimited, Huntress was romantically linked to conspiracy theorist, Question Mark. He was the only one who understood her (?). See season 2 episode 6 “Double Date“. This episode tells the origin story of the Earth-One Helena Bertinelli.