Power Girl

Here another “first” that I recently “discovered”. In the 1970’s, the world needed a plus-size super hero and Power Girl came to the rescue weighing in at 30 pounds heavier than her Earth-One counter-part, Super Girl. Also, a cousin of Superman, Kara Zar-el first appeared in All Star Comics #58 (1976) and in 1978 she got her first cover in Showcase #97. Her origin story is told in this issue.

In an obvious reference to Power Girl, Galatea, an evil clone of Super Girl appeared in a couple of episodes of Justice League Unlimited. In JLU season 1/episode 6, Green Arrow says to Super Girl: “She’s you, only she’s… uh… more mature.”

In this episode, Super Girl “destroyed” Galatea, but then could find no trace of the clone. Galatea came back in a later episode leading an army of renegade super heroes.